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1975-1979. I have two of these, both work. One was the first camera I bought at a thrift shop, the other a gift. Paid $43 for the body and 4 lenses. This started my decent into camera collecting insanity. They are fully manual cameras using Canon FD lenses. I replaced the light seals in the first. With an adapter I can use any of my M42 lenses on these. A little concerned about meter accuracy using hearing aid batteries, was meant for 635 mercury. I'm using hearing aid batteries in an O-ring. Maybe I'll do the mod to use 1.5v alkaline button cells. Metering is center weighted averaging. Bought light seal foam from Amazon, this was the first camera I re-sealed, was easy.

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Shots from first and second test roll, after seal replacement.

6-8-24: This roll shot with Kentmere ASA 100,l developed 8 minutes in Caffenol-C (coffee). Used a hearing aid battery, with the camera set at 100 ASA. The two-bench shot was taken by metering the grass at my feet. It's still over-exposed a little. Maybe the shutter is running slow. I really like the river shot taken through the trees in the Saint Street parking lot.
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