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This is a fairly advanced viewfinder camera. The screws for the battery cover were lost, and the shutter won't fire without a battery and film loaded. It's auto-loading, auto-exposure, and auto-focus. It needs a 2CR5 battery. It's made for DX-coded film, and defaults to 100 ASA without it. The lens cover slider locks the shutter and shuts the camera down. The lens zooms from 40 F2.8 to 70mm F4.9. It uses spot focusing, and there's an indicator of the focus area in the viewfinder. There's a green light to indicate lens focused. Focus is 3.2 feet to infinity. It has a built-in flash that works up to 16 feet in wide angle mode, and 10 feet in tele mode. There's a self-timer button that triggers the shutter after 10 seconds. There's an exposure compensation button for backlit subjects, and a soft focus filter for dreamy portraits. It does shoot double exposures, I've never fooled around with that before. There's a battery indicator.
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6-28-23 First test roll came out better than expected. I used the exposure compensation button on the front of the camera for the shots right into the sun. There is no indication of your shutter speed or aperture, so no way to tell your depth of field. The pictures look better than a lot of my SLR shots. It's not a little toy camera, but can be carried in a jacket pocket.

5-19-24: Rotational shoot with Kentmere 100 ASA, sharing roll with Vivitar PN2011.

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