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The Rebel II came out in 1992. This was another thrift shop buy for $30, body only. I wanted a film camera that could use the EF lenses I already have for the Canon 20d on film. This Rebel also supports auto focus and has motorized film transport. Was surprised that it works perfectly. I've mounted FD and M42 lenses on it with adapters. With non-EF lenses you set the aperture, and let the Rebel set the speed. Speeds go from 1 second to 1/2000th. This is the model S with a built-in flash. It has an "SF" Soft Focus mode for portraits that shoots a second exposure slightly out of focus. With the camera doing the focusing, exposure setting and film advancing you can concentrate on composition. It's also very light, which helps on long walks in search of subjects.

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5-8-23 Shots from first test roll.

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