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Finally I have replaced my long lost Canon F-1. This camera was made in January of 1980, the original model. It has the split circle finder, which I had bought for my unit long ago. This is my Holy Grail of cameras, the one I have regretted letting go of 47 years ago. For a bottom feeder (like me) the price paid was high at $144.41 including freight and taxes. That was body ony with a cap. The seller tested it completely, and it had a couple of flaws. I think I fixed the major one. The mirror wouldn't drop until the advance lever was moved. With the shutter cocked I used the stop-down lever, heard a click, and the mirror drops OK now. The meter and shutter seem OK, as the seller said. Now I have all the cameras I lost back again.
My pics of the camera
Canon F-1 left front Canon F-1 front Canon F-1 top Canon F-1 top Canon F-1 back Canon F-1 bottom

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