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I bought this camera around 2013 for $200 from a Craigslist ad, to document both the Samurai project and my work with quadcopters. It's been very reliable and works perfectly still. I certainly like the instant gratification that digital photography offers, but somehow missed the old film cameras I left behind decades ago. My cellphone has many times the 4 megapixels this camera offers, and is much easier to carry around, I still drag this up and down the rivers and streets looking for something interesting to shoot. I'm still a terrible photographer, but this camera lets me shoot a lot at no further expense. These pages are mostly about film photography, and this will probably be the last digital camera I buy, until it quits. Most of the EF lenses I bought for this unit work on the Canon EOS Rebel S film camera also. I have also tried FD and M42 lenses on this camera, and a 500mm Soligor EF fixed aperture (F8) mirror lens. To use that I use aperture priority and adjust shutter speed till it's right. The camera detects the camera's fixed aperture.

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Along Columbia River:
Cowboy Fishing Smokey day at river 1 Smokey day at river 2 Bench to nowhere Sunset after rain Island in the river Island south end in river

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